The lower Rogue River Valley from Forest Service Road 33 between Powers and Agness, Oregon.  A very sparsely-populated area of southwestern Oregon.  This small steep gravel road is a ruggedness test for any vehicle and your cellphone will do you no good here.  The John Wayne movie Rooster Cogburn was filmed in this area..


I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there. - Herb Caen







Family Pictures

  Young and married

  Greenhouse Orchids

  Relatives Who Served

  My mother's mother's family

  My mother's father's family

  My Old Friend is Gone

  My New Friend

  An old house

  The grandkids

  Easter 2005

  Elise's First Communion

  Jack's First Communion

  The Big Ones


Some snapshots I made here and there along the line.  Nothing of any overwhelming artistic merit, just personal memories.

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Travel Pictures

  The Eternal City

  Oregon Lighthouses, Bridges, and Other Things

  Crater Lake

  Pictures from Coos County

  The Oregon Coast

  A Beautiful Island




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