Elise (age 6) modeling the lined cape and knitted hat Grandma made for her for Christmas.








Elise and Jack brought their parents up for a visit. They limited their travels to the immediate area this year. One of the places they visited for the first time was Laverne Park northeast of Coquille. Located on the Upper Fork of the North Fork of the Coquille River, this county-operated park has RV and tent campgrounds, group picnic and meeting areas, and the day use area (above) with a river beach, playground, and playing fields.



Elise did some extensive testing on the slide built into the log playhouse. She will be 6 years old this September.


Jack checking out the sand surrounding the playhouse. He was 3 years old in April of this year.


Both had been waiting since last year to get back into the berry garden. I couldn't get the camera out before the blueberries and raspberries were all picked. Here Jack is down to picking the white currants.



Elise doing some taste testing on the red currants.






In August the grandkids stopped in for a visit on their way up the coast for summer vacation. Seems like they've grown since the last time I saw them.


Jack was 2 years old in April of this year.

Elise will be 5 years old in September.



Tripping through the woods at Golden and Silver Falls State Park in eastern Coos County.







The latest pictures of Elise and John David (Jack) during their visit to the old folks in Oregon in July. In addition to hitting all the beaches here, the family traveled north along the coast and stayed a few days at a beachfront motel in Waldport.


Jack, one year old, beachcombing on the Oregon coast.


Elise, 3 1/2 years old, rearranging the sand. Both pictures were made at Seven Devils State Wayside between Bandon and Charleston.



Rare shot of Jack not walking about.


Elise in grandma's berry garden picking blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and currants.